it all started with nine year old Emily

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If there was any indication in my childhood that I was going to be a photographer when I grew up it was this trip we took to Gulf Shores, Alabama when I was nine years old. My mom bought me a disposable camera to document the entire vacation. One of the adventures we took while on the trip was a dolphin cruise. My mom tells me a story about that cruise to this day. She remembers very clearly telling me to only take a couple pictures of the dolphins because we had several days of vacation left and she didn’t want me to use the camera up all at once. It was only a handful of minutes later that I came up to her and said the camera was empty. Evidence below:


Nailed it.

It’s lucky we live in the digital age now because my rampant picture taking only escalated from there. And here we are 20 some years later and I’m still surprising my mom with how many pictures I take, only she isn’t having to buy me disposable camera after disposable camera and going to CVS to develop roll after roll of film.

I got my first “real” camera in high school and took lots of cheesy pictures of flowers:


In college was when I realized photography was my passion. I interned for Arches and Canyonlands National Parks during my breaks from school. As a family, we’d been going to national parks my whole life growing up but there was just something about being in Moab, on my own for the first time in my life, with the coolest backyard of all time:

SEPTEMBER - Indian Creek, Utah.jpg
JUNE - Moab, Utah.jpg

I finished school with degrees in Photography and Graphic Design with a concentration in Conservation Biology. Anyone who knows me well knows that landscape photography IS. MY. JAM. I feel like that kid again with a disposable camera in my hand and my finger on the trigger. I am a huge hiker, so it was only natural that my love for photography and my love for hiking culminated into a love of landscape photography.


I will never stop doing landscape photography, but I’ve decided to try something new. Which is why you’re here. I’m quickly gaining a love for portrait photography and I cannot wait to see where it takes me and who it introduces me to. I love meeting new people and feel honored to be a part of someone else’s special moments. I want to deliver photos that look like how you felt when you were standing next to your family/fiancé/spouse or how you felt walking down the aisle, through the forest, or under that gorgeous sunset. So in closing, I hope I get to meet you sometime soon and become part of your story!

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