Kirstin + Brandon

January 2019 — Kirstin and Brandon were brave enough to go out in a crazy snow storm with me. We celebrated their engagement by taking some dreamy snow pictures. I’ve been friends with Kirstin since high school so it was extra special to be part of their experience.


Lesley + tom + family

October 2018 — Tom, Lesley, and their two boys. We ran around in a field of tall grasses like mad men for half an hour while the sun set behind the trees. It was magical. You know what else is magical? Velvet dresses and old man sweaters worn by small children.


caitlin + Tony + family

October 2018 — Caitlin, Tony, and their two girls. We lucked out by being gifted with a beautiful, classic midwestern sunset right near the end of our shoot. That’s always the best. So much love and sweetness! Caitlin and Tony have two very spunky girls. I could barely keep up.


danielle + family

October 2018 — Danielle and her two twin boys. They are a pair of goofy little troublemakers with a heart of gold.